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The concept of my design is based on modern furniture for terraces and gardens. I have chosen to use Varaschini and Tribu furniture because of its modern and simple shapes, since there shouldn’t be any building interventions.
In the back of terrace, I have placed the pavilion. It has its own platform so there is no need for it to be fixed on the floor. The other pieces of furniture are round mini sofa with canopy, as well as a high Pedrali pots in which the lighting can be installed and contributes to overall lighting and atmosphere.
Dining table and chairs are taken from Tribu collection Mood.
Site table are Varashcini Arena outdoor round table in two dimensions.
The gas barbeque is placed near by door to be near the kitchen.
For the floor I have put Ikea floor decking because it is placed on the floor without gluing. It is necessary to place the plates 30X 30cm on the floor. You can easily cut it in order to follow the shape of the floor. And on the end it is not expensive.
I put gray decking around the barbeque area and in the middle of terrace where are round sofas. In the other part is grass decking.

Psj Roof Terrace


Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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