Responding to the request for an interior design project for a terrace in an area of ​​53 square meters, we will detail the design criteria for the proposed result below:

It was considered that the client can not make permanent constructions or modifications to the space, for this reason we suggest furniture that is not fixed except for the lighting that must be installed on the wall but can be removed later.

The proposed project has a dining area for 6 people and a bamboo panel on the sill to give more privacy and cover the visual of the houses that are seen in the background, a barbecue with a support counter and a bar with two chairs to have interaction with guests when cooking, this area is illuminated by 2 lamps installed on the wall of the access door since it is the space where more light is needed.

Towards the back there are two loudge puffs illuminated by torches stuck in the gardener, a living room with furniture that has a light roof made of cloth that covers the sun, a table with a bonfire in the center that serves as illumination and at the same time to give heat in the coldest months and 2 sunbeds for sunbathing. The entire space is composed of a mat rug as in the dining room and illuminated by solar lamps apply on the sill.

Since the view of the sea is towards the side of the living room, we suggest low vegetation as flowers to be able to appreciate it, in the rest of the planters we suggest plants like the delicious Monstera, Calathea and a low palm called Cateracterum plant that can be combined in the same planter, the material of this is the same fabric as sunbeds and living furniture as seen in the referents.

The following are the links of the solar lamps

Psj Roof Terrace


Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain