A fresh interior reflecting the new brand identity developed for P…S… Fashion. The principal colours of the new graphic logo are used on the floor to define different areas in the shop, whilst the walls are treated with light coloured panelling equipped with continuous metallic rack to take brass rods that will create any sort of different display options: frontal hanging for displaying of selected items, traditional hanging that can be set at any height required, shelving and accessories “boxes”.
The central hexagonal displays are functional and fun and can serve as quick fitting areas for trying out bags, jackets or accessories thanks to the mirrors located inside the space. They also create many different ways of ‘navigating’ through the shop displays, allowing an organic and mobile flow towards the changing rooms and the checkout counter.
All display areas are extremely customisable and flexible and, on the walls, maintain the module pace of about 70cm currently used by the client.
The colours grow then from the floor to the wall at the back of the check-out counter with the company logo standing out from it to give a clear visual impact of the brand to the client. The back of this wall, which faces the changing rooms, is equipped with more brass fittings where the rejected items can be returned. The sides function as additional display of more accessories and storage to top and bottom.
In the changing rooms a uniform curtain treatment along the entire length of the cubicles creates a theatrical atmosphere and gives a sense of privacy.
A window display that combines all of the elements of the interior design sees the triangles of the floor emerge from it to create surfaces at different heights with interchangeable coloured tops to suit the displayed item. Triangular and hexagonal paper volumes descending from the ceiling create a coloured curtain that separates the display from the rest of the shop but not covering the same from the view.

The colours reflect the spirit of an active and modern woman and at the same time the light textured walls, with the gold toned display furniture as accents, give an idea of elegance and refinement that any romantic woman would like.