Dear Alessandro
Thank you for the amazing challenge. I created some virtual tours in some spots in the terrace and also in the open space so you have a clear idea of how your sea side holiday home will look like.

My very first idea for your holiday home was to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for all the members of the family and even gusts that are staying over. Since I know very well that the family gatherings are really important in your culture.
Therefore, I decided to make the place as a cozy atmosphere for hanging out together and doing activities such as watching movies, drinking, cooking, using outdoor showers and Jacuzzi and simply watching kids play. I also tried my best to design the area in a way to give individuals some privacy in time of need by creating some cozy nooks in the terrace like the swing or the hot tub or the home office area to give each individual the space they need.
My main focus was on the openness of the main room and how to use inch by inch of the space.
The work area that you asked for can have double functions as both a home office and as its furniture is convertible to a bed you can place your guests there too.
All the rooms are proper size with enough closet spaces for each. To place their stuff. In the small bedroom you’re going to have a bunk bed for 3.
In the kitchen you have all the facilities you need even a built in coffee maker and a dishwasher.
In the terrace you have an outdoor kitchen, dining and bar. With wine fridge and stove and electric oven that can be covered when not needed.
Then the seating area is ideal for your family gatherings and it’s close to children’s playing area to observe them while enjoying each other’s company. 2 day beds for chilling maybe after using the hot tub for sun tanning.
The terrace side from the neighbors have been blocked by vegetation and pots to give you the privacy you need. But your view to the sea is wide open to give a sense of the sea.
The one space that I am proud to mention is the open air cinema with the seats and artificial grass for laying down on the ground.
Your laundry area and the drying racks are covered like a closet to keep the space tidy and clean as possible. These areas are also directly accessible by the rooms that makes more sense.
The Jacuzzi and shower areas are also covered to keep it private. But simply if you don’t like to have it, you can add more plants and just keep the showers.
Overall I hope you enjoy your holiday sea home throughout the year.