Dear Client,

I'm going to briefly talk you through the proposal, and some options regarding the same.
Due to my late involvement in the project, I haven't had enough time to finalize the drawings for all options I had in mind, so I'll try to explain the overall idea of the building this way.

The main aim was to create a flexible solution that can be used in many ways. Therefore, the floor plan has a layout with 4 apartments as a starting point. The apartments are all similar in size and functional layout. From this, you have the possibility to join two apartments in both directions. This opens up the possibility to have a sea view from all spaces or both sea view and street view. As your clients purchase an apartment the building layout could change and have a mix of sizes throughout the floor levels. (4 small, 2 small, and 1 large with sea or street view, 2 small and 1 with sea and street view). The one option that I haven't had time to finalize is the attic which would eventually be one large apartment.
The facade does not change when the apartment layout changes, it stays the same throughout the life of the building. Installations are all placed on the axes dividing the original 4 apartments, and the bathrooms are placed in similar positions in all the different solutions.
The plot use has been maximized both above and underground, and access to the car park is regulated in a circular motion around the building on the -1 level.

You've mentioned that you would like to access the building on -1 even as a pedestrian, and this can be done directly from the street. This is not a solution I would prioritize, and I believe access to the apartments should be possible from the ground floor.
This being said, one small apartment would be lost on that floor but you would get better quality of the shared spaces of the building.

I hope I've managed to explain my thoughts regarding the project, and I would be happy to continue working on it and find the best solution for you. If you have any further questions or require any additional drawings, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Palazzo Fronte Mare


66023 Francavilla al Mare, Province of Chieti, Italy

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