Dear Client.
We are pleased to enter this contest and hope that our proposal meets your needs. We designed a building that makes the most of the land, in accordance with the city guidelines provided in the report. As requested, the building consists of a garage parking basement and three levels (ground floor, first floor and second floor) containing the apartments.
The basement level is part underground and part above ground, as in the example provided. This allows for a more comfortable ramp and the possibility of natural lighting. The parking area is accessible by vehicle, through the ramp, and by foot through a small staircase that connects directly to the ground floor. The ground floor is deliberately not connected to the elevator and the stairs leading to the apartments, for security reasons. For this reason, we recommend installing a stairlift for wheelchair access, thus making the garage level accessible to people with reduced mobility.
The ground, first and second floors are intended for apartments. We propose three types of apartments, that is, three ways of dividing the floorplan:
1) four one-bedroom apartments
2) two two-bedroom apartments
3) one four-bedroom apartment
In this proposal, you will notice that option 1 is on the ground floor, option 2 is on the first floor, and option 3 is on the second floor, for graphic purposes only. Actually, all floors are interchangeable, according to your wish and according to market demand. All apartment types are accessible via both the stairwell and the elevator, and connect directly to the ground floor and basement. The 4-bedroom apartment, located on the top floor, has a private entrance from the stairwell and a magnetic key for the elevator, ensuring privacy from the rest of the units. All apartments are very bright and have large terraces all around, so everyone can overlook the ocean from different angles.

Palazzo Fronte Mare


66023 Francavilla al Mare, Province of Chieti, Italy

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