The current project makes maximum use of the land where it is located, using a central core with a regular geometry to distribute the housing blocks and creates a set of terraces with randomly placed planters that give movement and a contemporary character to the exterior facade of the building.
The apartments maximize the area to meet the needs of the client, with a bathroom for the main room and one for the rest of the apartment, the element that divides the space of the kitchen and living room is an island with stools that create the space to sit down to eat and the support area of the kitchen, the key to the concept is to give the people who live in this apartment the greatest flexibility in its use, some of these modules also include wooden panels to place the TV, in this way a space is created that works inside and outside.
The penthouse terraces can be used by all the people who live in the building to share or have their own activities, thus taking advantage of the views and the position of the building, increasing the value of the work aesthetically and economically, this project marks the principle for a concept that helps to have a space with architecture from different periods and inserting projects with greater ecological impact.

Palazzo Fronte Mare


66023 Francavilla al Mare, Province of Chieti, Italy

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