Dear customer: The following project was carried out in order to fulfill as much as possible with your requirements, as well as respecting local regulations and requirements.

Our main designing goal was to separate all the floors with 1 meter depth wooden pergolas. The balcony who is watching to the sea view and the main street view are reducing each floor. By this way every room will get clear light from the sun.

Garden design.
To have a larger and useful garden we detached the building from the ramp. We have put the ramp on The most unuseful place where we detached the house.

Main floor garden relation.
The main floor and the garden has been fully transparent from the balcony. By putting the living area on the 3 sided facade we have opened a panoramic view.

Upper floor design.
The main idea for the upper floors are that the Living Room has the sea view and the main street view. We have designed 2 floor plans each can be used.

Facade design.
We used 3 main facade material.
1-Dividing al the floors with wooden pergola constructional.
2-Every space has a different wood-glass relationships.
3.We have used stone and concrete to divide entrances with a vertical axle.

Hoping that the project will be to your liking. I greet you cordially.

Palazzo Fronte Mare


66023 Francavilla al Mare, Province of Chieti, Italy