The aim of the project was to create as much function as possible. The flat can be divided into 4 or 2 apartments - the small apartments were configured in such a way that they can host all the utilities even though the space is pretty limited.
The usage of terraces was maximized and integrated into the architectural design giving a curved exquisite vibe to an otherwise ordinary-shaped building. We proposed large windows. In terms of underground the staircase and elevator are placed in such a way that the underground floor can host the maximum of car spaces- 6 car spots that can be doubled if there would to be used klaus type elevators. For this solution a rotating platform has been imposed in order to have maximum efficiency.
Although a central position of the staircase and lifts would have been a better fit for the upper floors in terms of hallway space and illumination options, it would have been impossible for the underground floor. Thus we chose this better compromise that finally allowed to fit the 4 apartments by creating a small niche - a 90 cm wide terrace that allows the natural ventilation of one particular bedroom . If we were to choose to build this additional space it would have been detrimental and impossible for the fitting of 4 apartments. Furthermore, the small gap gives something more to the volumetric aspect of the building. Putting the ramp on the front façade would have been impossible because of the ramp slope that would be way too steep in the 5 meters length. The chosen façade materials were stone like fibercement and wooden-like platings. This gives off a luxurious vibe, simple yet refined.

Palazzo Fronte Mare


66023 Francavilla al Mare, Province of Chieti, Italy