It is a Scandinavian cozy home for the whole family.

Furniture placement

New hallway and living room - Cabinets are placed in parallel with the left wall in order to form a rectangular shape hallway, and on that way maximize the living room. Grey strip made of plaster cardboard, which covers façade wall and ceiling, gives the impression of two completely separated parts, even though they are not.

Dining area, kitchen and living room are open so that people can have fun and hang around during food preparation. Existing sofa is slightly placed towards the kitchen and dining area in order to connect those zones. There is a table for everyday use, as well as special occasions, which is extendable in two ways:
• Regular for 6 persons
• Extended on one side for 8 persons
• Extended on both sides for 10 persons
(Take a look at the schema in the shopping list)

All necessary kitchen equipment is placed, and organized in order to make preparation easy. There are: wine cooler, dishwasher, fridge-freezer, oven, gas stove, food storage cabinet, a lot of space for kitchen equipment and large top. (take a look at the schema in the shopping list)
Living area furniture is positioned in a way that enables unobstructed, barrier-free access to the yard.

Taking into account that you are a book lover, we made a reading corner in the living room next to the natural light, and added a lamp for the same purpose during evening hours.

Bedroom/ working room is placed at the end of the alcove, and separated from the kitchen with a sliding door in order to maximize usable space. Existing mattress is kept.

Toilet on the ground floor is reorganized and extended over the existing hall in order to make a more comfortable toilet. Cabinet fronts are placed on the area where washing machine is, so that maintenance and laundry area could be separated from the toilet area and make everything look more organized. In addition, wall under the staircase was moved in order to maximize the use of that space, and to gain more space for a bigger sink.
Position of sanitary in the toilette on the first floor is kept, but replaced with more suitable elements for small spaces, like in the toilette in the ground floor. Rounded shape sink was used in order to make it easy to access.

Solving lighting issue

Taking into consideration that the space does not receive enough light and that there is a balcony above the living room opening, ground floor lighting has been increased by:

• placing short cabinet between the hallway and living room, so that light coming from the glass entrance door could also reach the living room
• utilizing light colours for materials and finishing in order to reflect diffused light
• using lots of white coloured light
• using mirrors to reflect light

Storage and wardrobe

Many storage areas are placed in order to fulfill needs of two-member family, as well as for new members planned. In spite of that apartment looks tidy and organized with logical movement thought whole ground floor.
Storage areas:
• Hallway - has a lot of storage area – tall cabinet, 2 regular ones, a bench and coat hook storage. All those elements are closed (with front doors) which makes the space look clean.
• Dining area – above the bench there are shelves to hold all of your books. Also, benches can be lifted for more storage.
• Kitchen is two-sided and has a lot of storage space, as well as all the elements that you wanted.
• Bedroom/working room – contains a tall cabinet, shelves, desk and bed that have drawers.
• Living room – contains a sideboard with plenty of storage space, too.
• Toilet – cabinet holds washing machine and has some extra space. There is also a towel rack with a shelf.
• Foldable chairs for special occasions can be placed in cabinet in guest room.

Budget-economical calculation

Furniture, as well as construction materials are within the budget, but without compromising the quality. There is even money left for the labor.

Budget distribution:
• Practical Scandinavian furniture was chosen
• Construction works – only minimal changes are required for moving the pipes and installation of plaster cardboard walls.
• Existing cables can be used for lighting distribution, with minimal extension of old ones with the new.
• Radiators – position has been changed according with the input, in order to make a functional arrangement of furniture and good access to every single element.
• Doors – all existing doors are kept, and one sliding door for separating bedroom from the kitchen is added.
• Ventilation is kept in place

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