Dear family,
the project has been conceived by a simple concept, the light.
In order to explicate the idea, the will of permit the entry and reflection of the natural light.
For this reason, white walls, light colours and reflecing surfaces have been used to create a natural ambience, an ambience where the bright colours will be in contrast and at the same time linked to the rainy London.
The use of a bioethanol fireplace will give the area a hearty feature and will separete the entrance to the rest of the room allowing a slow, warm and pleasant entry to the house from the outside cold.
To strengthen the concept the use of a oak parquet on the entire floor and the placement of a green wall as element of character and relaxion from the daily stress.
The choice of the spotlights as lighting system has been to not obstruct the view of the open room and to permit adjusting the intensity as one wants.
Every forniture has been choosen according to give a scandinavian appearence to the house and to save money without any loss in quality. You should use the saving to travel!
I enjoyed the work and I hope you'll do the same with my project!
Best regards

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