The project proposes the realization of an administrative office complex adjacent to your new factory in Jammu. Inspired by the nature of the factory, the key element of the project is a vertical landmark that ideally reproduces the grain of rice or wheat: a clearly recognisable landmark (with the company logo applied), both aesthetically and functionally, given the presence of the lift shaft inside, connected to the various floors by glass "bridges". The architecture has a modern but contemporary style thanks to the use of current technologies such as ventilated glass walls, aluminium panel cladding and the use of vertical garden walls. Internally, the spaces are very bright and airy and are arranged around the helicoidal staircase block. From the second floor, in the reception area, there is a triple height visual link between the floors. The internal distribution of the spaces, as can be seen from the plans, includes the open space formula for the operative offices and more intimate areas dedicated to people with greater seniority, which also corresponds to the highest floors. The use of a load-bearing structure on pilotis does not prejudice the fact that small changes can be made internally according to more detailed requirements, without changing the overall image of the complex.