The space is based on three areas, living room+kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Resolved the space with basic furniture placement, and with an absolute freedom of the user. The main room consists of a small kitchen and a living room, separate minimally for a table. The design is simple and elegant , using neutral colors both ground and walls, and combining with colorful accessories. It has been taken one wall to place closets and have a great storage space without losing a lot of space in the small apartment. The bedroom has the same style as the living room. Elegant and quiet area thanks to the use of neutral colors and little furniture . One wall again have multiple cabinets to have great storage space. Finally, a Simple and funtional bath. It has been removed the bidet and placed a dual (toilet + bidet) to save space. The flooring is white oak . The white walls . For furniture was chosen colors like white , black , yellow and green.