Contemporary and modern furniture was chosen for the furnishings to balance the traditional look of the interior.

The studio on the 2nd floor would be a bit redundant since there is a study room in the attic, so I propose to place the gym on the 2nd floor in place of the study room. By doing this, the bathroom on the 2nd floor would be used more often, it could even be made into a small sauna for you to use after a workout session.

There are two possible options for the guest room, it could be placed in the study room in the first floor, creating a convertible nook seating, or in the study room on the attic by placing a sofabed, depending on the degree of privacy that you want to provide to the guest. Personally, I would recommend placing it in the study room in the attic since it will give more privacy and freedom for the guest.

If you are an avid cook, you can build a wood fired over the fireplace in the kitchen.

Please check at a 3d walkthrough video here