The design proposal that I have created for the “New Palace” competition, occupies the same space as the building that is going to be demolished. I have proposed the main access to the building through the John Fitzgerald Kennedy road, this because it allows faster communication with the city. Residents of the building can enter by vehicle and drive down the ramp to the basement, where there are 10 parking spaces. One of the advantages of locating the new building on the same perimeter is that you can take advantage of the basement that is already excavated, which saves money.

You can also enter by walking through two entrances, one that is along the Via Fitzgerald itself, in which the person travels on a path surrounded by a lot of vegetation, the other is via Via Giorgio Perlasca, which upon entering we find a cover of pergolas with plants and vines.

Upon reaching the ground floor we find a large wooden door, when crossing it we are greeted by a hall from where we can see the large interior space, a sufficient area in which parties, meetings, meals and even watch movies can easily be held. There are large windows that open onto the pool and garden.

The interior is very bright. There is also ample space for a desk and shelves to hold many books. I designed a room that has a double bed, a dressing room and a spacious bathroom.
The kitchen is hidden behind a sliding wooden panel, so when there are parties or other events it can be hidden from visitors.
On the upper floors, I designed two apartments per floor. The apartment facing Fitzgerald Street and consisting of two rooms has an area of 108 m² and the other apartment consisting of 3 rooms has an area of 109 m². These apartments are designed in such a way that just by demolishing the wall where the dining room is, they can be merged, thus generating a single large apartment per floor as requested by the client.

On the top floor there is a small bar, a solarium area and areas to dance or talk.
The building has large balconies and terraces, the facades of the building are very dynamic and modern, this is achieved through volumetry and the use of materials such as glass, stone, iron and wood.

The staircase that connects all the floors is metallic and is designed and positioned in the building in such a way that it functions as a sculpture, when the person walks through it, they can appreciate the vegetation and look towards the patio in which there are also many trees. The elevator that starts from the basement has capacity for 6 people.

Each floor has an area of 239.87 m², not including the area of the balconies.
The area for balconies is 64.49 m² per floor.
The covered area of the terrace is 74.37 m²

The structure is made up of 40 cm x 45 cm columns at distances that vary from 4.85 m to 5.40 m.
The main beams are 50 cm high and the secondary ones are 30 cm high

New Palace


81100 Caserta, Province of Caserta, Italy