We found that the best way to implant the building is adyacent to the neighboring building wall, because this frees up land for the park and swimming pool in the sector with the best sunlight. In addition, it is possible to cover at least partially that dividing wall that today has a very large visual impact on the plot.
We also retreated the building from the municipal line with the intention of generating an access patio that works as a transition from the street, allowing greater privacy for the complex and generating a more pleasant urban situation. Especially considering that the street is narrow and that there are high-rise buildings across the street. This access patio also contains the entrance ramp to the underground garages.

Access and circulation.
We propose a comfortable and pleasant entrance hall that efficiently connects both the public space and the garage with the different appartments and common areas. In the case of the ground floor apartment, it also allows a private and independent access to the office.
At every level, it is possible to close the vertical circulations, so that the stairs and elevator continue to function independently, to achieve the possible division or unification of departments.
A compact staircase was considered according to fire regulations, with two sections of 1.10m wide, with an interruption when reaching the ground floor, generating a parallel staircase to access the basement, which prevents from reaching the basement by mistake in case of evacuation.
An elevator of 1.6m x 1.5m was considered that could be considered as electromechanical or hydraulic, eliminating the need for a machine room in the rooftop level.
The horseshoe shaped floorplan allowed us to take advantage of the sunlight, cross ventilation, and give greater privacy to the apartments. The vertical circulation core is located at the center of the floorplan, in such a way that both units can be easily integrated to form a single full-floor apartment.
Although both appartments have the same surface, their shape is different to ensure that both have good orientation and visuals towards the park and pool.
In all cases, we sought to clearly differentiate the social areas from the sleeping areas, to preserve privacy.

The structural module of the building was designed taking into account the dimensions of the vehicles and the circulations, forming a double bay system with a 6m wide street. The amount of parking spaces is as requested, and we also incorporated parking for bicycles, motorcycles, and storage spaces for the private use of the inhabitants. As an alternative, we propose to unify two of the garage spaces to generate a private space for parking and displaying of the supercar, with special lighting and wide enough space for its appreciation.
Garden and pool.
We located the pool in the place that we consider to have the best sunlight and visual privacy with respect to the adjoining buildings. In turn, it is placed along the gallery adjacent to the ground floor social area, from where the view of the pool is omnipresent. Next to the pool we have incorporated a shaded area with a pergola and the possibility of incorporating a small changing room.
On the last level, there is a multipurpose space, which can be used for social events and is accessible from the elevator for all levels. It expands to a terrace with views of the city, and on the side with the best sunlight, a solarium and Jacuzzi. This sector also has toilets and a small changing room.

New Palace


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