The proposed design for the "New kitchen with Bathroom" competition focuses primarily on creating a space that is highly functional, well-lit, and spacious.
When the owner of the apartment enters and closes the door, he will find a space where he can hang his clothes, hat or put the car keys. On one side there are two doors that hide the bedroom area and the laundry room and the guest bathroom.
The living room, dining room and kitchen are directly connected, creating a large space that can be easily shared with family and friends.
The space where the shower used to be, which was previously 1 m x 1.30 m, is now larger, I added a bidet, a toilet and a cabinet with a mirror.
The kitchen stands out for its island with its two chairs to sit on and the large storage space there is.
I created a fairly large dining room that can easily accommodate 5 people, there is also a super large sofa where you can rest to read a book or watch TV.

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