Dear Client

Please understand the situation in which you put us. First off all you said that some walls are bearing and others not, while having wishes to enlarge some rooms. Then later you said that all walls are bearing and therefore making us a bit of trouble to remake your renders again. You also wanted a floor and in the end you said you didn’t want it, even though in the description it is said you want to build a floor on top. All of which would be no problem with a deadline increase after every change in request. We are putting no blame on anyone just want you to understand the hard situation that was made and overcome with effort.

You have a big problem with your house. Every door and window that you have is different. Some are 90,120,130,140,160 cm. That will cost you much more, even though they will be pretty, than if you would buy the same type, I suggest you think about it. But my project will be by your design with differing doors and windows.
Sliding doors in your case are a problem. Since you told us not long ago that all your walls are structural and bearing it now seems that you have no “empty” wall. So I can’t hide your sliding doors in the walls and make a more practical life rhythm. You will lose space that could have hosted a cabinet or drawer.
I suggest you put an all glass curtain wall in the work office. And I would rotate your desk, if you still have not, to be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the glass wall. That would improve your work efficiency and will not blind you when the sun is high.
You might like harmonica doors more, because you only have bearing walls, and sliding doors should be fitted in non-bearing walls, because making holes in structural walls could be dangerous.
Although your height measures allow for 2 floors(2.45m each) we didn’t find space in your apartment(because the walls can’t be moved) to build in a staircase, until we built it at the cost of one bedroom. However building a mezzanine level could be possible
The roof is modern, flat, because of the 4.9m height and fits well in any neighborhood
All walls except the one facing the other property (which is right next to a garage building have modern wood-concrete facades
Everything is designed for a 4 person family. Really elegant Contemporary design that you wanted, suitable for Italy, with Mediterranean blue in the kitchen and hard wood on the facade. Every inch is used.
In case of any further collaboration I am ready to step in.