The most important fact of the concept is exchanging load bearing walls with steel pillars and with their complement steel beams. This has been done in order to get more fluent and opened space. Other change is referred to extending one part of the house that is oriented towards the garden, and there is now instead of terrace and bathroom located kitchen with its storage. And third crucial fact is moving the main entrance into Abruzzi street, next to garage. This change is explained by idea of locating and orienting entire day zone to the backyard. The kitchen and dining room are connected to the yard with glass wall. Above the dining room is planned a gallery that gives it a bit of monumental effect. Living room is separated from dining with double slide doors. Above kitchen and living room are designed suspended ceilings. Also is created spatios entrance hall from where we step in all other rooms. On the first floor is planned night zone. Every room has it's own terrace and one big terrace with barbecue. Above the garage is located dance studio/gym. Also is planned sauna, next to bathroom. Master bedroom has it's own bathroom and built-in wardrobe.