With the project is proposed to allocate the ground floor to "sleeping area" and the first floor to "living area." This choice allows you to minimize the demolition of existing structures that will be reduced merely opening new gates for functional doors to make communicating the different environments. Besides locating the living area on the first floor you can create a space open open-plan style, however divisible by moving large sliding panels. The first floor there are two alternatives. Alpha is characterized by a free-form obtained with a continuous glass facade-system that turns around to the stairwell organizing the functions of the "living area." The beta solution instead is more rational and is separated by 5 m from the rear boundary so as to open the visuai on all 4 sides. In both cases the prospects are punctuated by the combination and overlapping the edge of the existing balcony of some modules shading with adjustable slats that let you change the level of privacy from the street and inside the house through the balcony itself that is configured so as a filter , acoustic device, visual and bioclimatic. Two new external stairs connect the large terrace of the first floor to the rear garden which houses a dining area under a gazebo and the entrance area from the road so that you can raggiongere lounge and kitchen without going through the ground floor. The original local storage room was converted into a patio / light well so as to ensure ventilation at the box-car and new neighboring premises.

The solution "Gamma" proposes to structure the house at ground level only. It is proposed to move the entrance on the other street, next to the garage. In this way it forms a central access with respect to the longitudinal extension of the living area comprising three large communicating areas with openings and sliding doors. It plans to increase the area of the entrance and the bathroom lotto fund that shall become a bedroom and large kitchen that overlooks the garden. The garage connecting the house is via a patio that provides light and ventilation to the entrance. This patio is obtained by demolishing the respective floor of the storage room.