Hello Dear client. Thank you very much for the oportunity to participate in this contest. We wanted to create an interesting environment that expands the limits of your house and helps integrate the interior with the exterior. You will find comfortable expansions in both levels overlooking the pool and garden. The new car boxes, even though they are underground, are integrated with the house and can be used as in case of a party or celebration by simply removing the cars, as it is very luminous, spatious and integrated with the house and garden. You have a unique external space with different levels, comunicating your house in the exterior through the garden. We wanted to make the most of it by improving circulations. A comfortable access to the new garage separated from the pool by means of a flowerbed that contains the existing tree, which in turn becomes the waterfall. This works as a barrier both visual and physical between the pool and the cars. An external staircase contains the embankment and generates continuity between both levels, binding the first floor terrace with the garden and pool. We hope you are pleased with the project and that your needs are met.

New Garden House


Brescia, Province of Brescia, Italy

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