In this project I wanted to free the large windows on the city as much as possible, creating an open space with living room and kitchen, but also trying to involve the bedroom in it. For this purpose the walls that surround the master bedroom are made of glass. The ideal would be a transparent glass, but you can have more privacy with a glazed or textured glass. The bathroom has a spacious shower with a large shower head. The stoneware proposed in the bathroom is similar to a cement. Also in the bedroom I proposed a stoneware covering, this time similar to open book marble. The stoneware wall hides the large walk-in closet. The parquet floor is a matte knotted oak, a warm tone that is perfect with the proposed kitchen top. Finally, the solution for the TV in the living area is the samsung Frame TV, which does not require a piece of furniture and when turned off it looks like a picture on its own stand, leaving the focus on the panorama beyond the windows.

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