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I have illustrated my ideas in three floor plan options. The reason to do this was to give you various ideas on how the spatial arrangement and interior design can be configured. All options have been made keeping in mind the plumbing and water installation constraints as mentioned. From these options, it is possible that you like multiple ideas from all three options. In that case, it is possible to incorporate all the ideas of your choice to arrive at a final floor plan to your liking. You might even just like one option !

In all options the area and size of the kitchen are the same, however the space is larger and has more counter space. The dining are with bar stools, seats 3 people.
The open plan living, dining, and kitchen gives a large and spacious fell. The large terrace an acts as an enlargement of the living space.
The terrace can be a lush green space with an outdoor dining area and a place for entertaining in all seasons.
The master bedroom is located a requested with an attached wardrobe, there is no better way to wake up than with sunlight flooding through.

All renders, furniture and lighting have been made floor plan option 1. Please refer to the corresponding drawing.

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