Dear Client, I hope you are satisfied with this design and it meets your needs.

• We used the sliding doors and it is preferable because in that way it will not take a space from the zone.
• We designed the new bathrooms near to the drainage pipes in that case you have no need to extend a lot of pipes and no need to raise the floor level.
• In the 1st proposal we designed 3 bathrooms one at the master bedroom, one for the guests and the last one is for the children; on the other hand the 2nd proposal has a private bathroom for each child in their bedrooms.
• In the children’s bedrooms we designed a study area and a dressing room and its space about 5 m2 as you shown in the requirements.
• The guest bathroom has a shower room as you also shown.
• In the master bedroom its bathroom is designed to have a Jacuzzi, shower room, sink, toilet and bidet.
• At the reception we designed the reading zone, work zone and the sports zone at the north side to make it possible for all to enjoy the exterior view, also we opened a window beside the terrace door to enter an extra light to the space and make the reception more bright.
• We designed all the bedrooms doors’ in such way to have more privacy for the rooms and not to be reachable by sight from any one is standing on the reception.

In case you need more details or want to talk about the design, we'll be happy to be in touch with you. Thank you. Best regards.

New Apartment In Modern Style


81100 Caserta, Province of Caserta, Italy