The project seeks to give greater functionality and beauty to the apartment. Creating social and private areas grouped in order to give them greater functionality.

It is proposed that the first thing you see at the entrance is a large living area surrounded by the dining room, the TV, the balcony and the kitchen, the latter separated by a sliding glass door, it was chosen to place the kitchen there to create a large social area if necessary and there are no interruptions or unnecessary transfers. The main idea in this area is to have the living room as the center even on one side of the dining room and in the background the TV, and on the other side the kitchen, in addition to the fact that the study can also be connected if desired.

The kitchen is a large area which has a pantry, refrigerator, ovens, 2 sinks, stove and many shelves in addition to the breakfast bar for 4 people. The room is for a maximum of 14 people while the dining room is for about 8 people.

For the study it is proposed that it have its own entrance from the outside in case there are business visits or of any other nature and it is not necessary for them to enter the entire department, the study has a bookcase, a desk with visiting chairs, an area of exercises, a relaxation area and an exit to the balcony, to give more beauty to this balcony, a planter with tall vegetation was placed to avoid possible bad views from this side of the apartment.

Attached to the study is the laundry, this location was chosen because it is close to the drain and because it is in the area that is proposed for the bathrooms in order to have all the facilities on the same walls, which saves a lot over time. in repairs. This area has a washer, dryer, sink and pantry.

The guest bathroom was placed in such a way that it serves the public area of ​​the room.

To access the rooms you have to go through a slightly hidden corridor to give it more privacy, we wanted this corridor to be very well lit and above all to be a pleasant experience for users. At the end we have the 3 rooms which have already been homogenized in size, the main room has a King bed, the TV area, and the walk in closet, for the children in both cases they have a single bed, desk, bookcases, TV area and Walk in closet, although they are designed differently for each one according to their age and gender. In the renders you will first see the main hitation, then the girl's hitation and at the end the boy's hitation. It should be noted that only the main room has its own bathroom, this is due to the fact that by wanting to place bathrooms in the other two rooms, a lot of space was lost and very long corridors were created that ate M2 from other areas, which is why it was preferred to have areas of good size and bathrooms of good size and that the children have to share a bathroom or use the visitor's bathroom. And in this way it was possible to make a large kitchen, a large study, large rooms and large bathrooms since very few m2 are lost in the corridor.

It should be noted that for the remodeling all the structural elements were respected, that is, all the columns that will be marked on the ground plan in red, in addition to the existing windows being respected, adding only the one that was allowed on the right side, and as requested. luminaires were added to compensate for the possible lack of natural light in some areas.

The style that was used was a modern style based on light colors since these transmit light much better, it was a matter of combining materials and lighting in order to create a set of sensations that is not seen daily, dark finishes were also placed in to a lesser extent to contrast and in some cases wood was also used.