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because of low quality of the panoramic pictures I also uploaded them on another website with high quality resolution. the links are down below.
Ground floor
Virtual tour Link:
As the Majlis is the spot light of your house I created a very glamorous and luxurious are. The fire place is decorated with cream and gold marble effect panels which makes it the central piece for this area.
Sitting/open Hall: in order to create a TV wall, I divided the space in 2 and the upstairs would be the piano area which can be both transparent and private at the same time. The sitting area is down stairs that can be for both family and friends when they want to watch something together. I created arch and combined it with modern style. Using various colors of marble panels in the atmosphere makes it more classy and chic. Some of the products are real stone and the others are panels which are actually shinier and lighter look.
Kitchen: kitchen is also a combination of classic and modern. All colors are light to make the space look clean and glamorous.
Dining area: this areas is another spot light of the project. As I wanted to capture your guests imagination, I created a fountain on one side and a closet to show off your luxury pieces on the other. Attention to details is something you cannot ignore in this area and that’s why it would be so eye catching for you and your guests.
Other areas on this floor have high end materials and finishes. In the hallway you have doors that hide on the surface of the wall the make it look more cohesive. This helps the design to be more minimal and modern.
The washrooms also have free standing sinks and water proof wallpapers. So combination of these 2 make the sinks look like sculpture in the space.
First floor
Master bedroom & Sitting Area Virtual tour Link:
Ladies room Virtual tour Link:
The first floor is basically designed for more private family gathering and for adults resting. On this floor all rooms have facilities that makes the room self-sufficient for the residents. All rooms have a closet and bathroom. In bathrooms you have a shower with a seat that can be used as a private sauna too. The toilet area is somehow separated from the rest to make the other area look more clean and hygiene.
Master bedroom is specifically divided into 2 parts. The sleeping and sitting. The tv can be rotated towards both areas so both of the could benefit from that.
Second floor
Gym & Spa & Washroom Virtual tour Link:
On this floor, all the children rooms are located. The gym and the spa is also situated on this floor. The spa walls are all from glass. For shower and toilet and steam and sauna area you have smart glasses that will be blurry when you want that no one can see inside. Rather than you also have wooden shutters in front of glasses to close the view and shut them if you needed privacy.
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Nareel Interior


Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates