The design that I have proposed seeks to generate the greatest amplitude and use of space. In the basement I designed a bright, comfortable space with many cabinets to store objects or other items. I arranged a large sofa with two auxiliary chairs. There is also a cabinet to place books, a television, music player and others.
There is a large desk that can accommodate multiple people.
The design of the first floor is functional, especially with the person with a disability in mind. In the space, the color white predominates to provide the feeling of spaciousness and colors are used on specific walls to prioritize a certain element. Expand the bathroom, leaving the sink outside to make everything easier for the disabled person. A wallpaper will be used in the living room and the dining room can seat 6 or 8. The laundry room is under the stairs.

My New Living Area


94013 Leonforte, Province of Enna, Italy

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