Although everything is pretty much clear, please let me tell you few words about design.

Entrance// The first one is added area for wind stop, only, with no furniture, maybe some seating? It is in the volume of the house, so it will not be the problem, also it has nothing but the glass door.
And that is all regarding the ground floor.

Fireplace// is in the centar of the house, with TV above it. It is pretty big, fireplace, and will be visible from all angles.
Music corner// I thought it would be nice to have some like this in your home, even if you do not play any instruments, some of your guest do play. You will have great time fun with fireplace light, and some fine music.

Basement// The concrete column foots are marked with red dots, and the space between them could be used as bed foot, partially, if you do not want that, you still can place the beds between the foots and use the foots as night shelves.
You will find also Gym and sauna, I like to have both of them in my house, even small one.
There are also some wardrobes in the corridor, to use the space. For common use.
So, all the basement floor is -2.30m, and just around the column foots is -2.00m.
15m lenght walk-in closet, I thought we could reached at least 17-18m, but no way.
But you still have some public wardrobes in the corridor.

And, that is all.
I truly believe you will enjoy your new house.

My New House


81016 San Potito Sannitico CE, Italy