Dear client
Thank you for the amazing challenge. There’s a link that you can watch a short animation around the street and the court yard.
The owner‘s apartment
This apartment is located on the top floor. For privacy reasons the access to this unit is from the street and other units of bed and breakfast from the court yard. Although some rooms will only be accessible to the street to allow some rooms to have their private entrance. However these doors can turn into windows if the owner wishes.
When you reach the first floor the rooms are located on the right. Because of the difference in height of the floors. The 2 rooms with proper height are used for bedrooms. And the other one which is lower is used for bathroom. The bathtub and the toilet and bidet are located in the lowest part for its practicality. On the left you reach the living area. Here in this area, I demolished the wall and created a support beam for the ceiling to make the space open.
The kitchen is on the back with an island in the center that has both an extendable dining table and bar stools for quick snack or lunch. On the back of living room the master bedroom with closet and en-suite bathroom is located.
Bed and breakfast units
The ground floor and the underground is used for your units. In order to use the space wisely, and give each unit a proper relaxation area and a small kitchenette (with sink fridge and a small stove on top) I made use of the stairs and connected them for using the underground rooms for your units.
Unit A : this unit is on the left and has a double room on the ground floor and the other double room is on the underground. The bathroom is on the ground floor that will be shared by the whole unit the relaxation area will be on the ground floor with a sofa bed. This unit is reachable trough the terrace and all units can use the elevator on the outside attached to the building.
Unit B: unit b is has the same areas as unit one and each zone can separately use as a room for renting even the relaxation area. All the rooms use the same bathroom on the ground floor.
Unit C: is a bit smaller with 2 rooms and a bathroom this unit has a small relaxation area with convertible bunkbed. This unit has a twin room and a double room with an armchair bed.
Unit D: this unit is the smallest unit with 2 rooms one relaxation area and a family room with bunkbed. With kitchenette and a bathroom. The relaxation area can be closed by a movable wall to be used as a separate room for couples as it has a sofa bed.
The room near the elevator is used for guests services and toilet. Services such as cooking for meals and cleaning room and laundry for guests. The reception is outside in the open air beside the elevator to control the movement of guests. And the owner can easily use it for reaching his or her floor.
The first floor of cottage is a breakfast room with buffet and alongside of it there’s an outdoor dining area. The lobby is also located in front of reception as the entrance for guests is from the court yard side they can reach all the facilities from here.
The spa is located on the ground floor of the cottage and you also have an outdoor area for the spa to entertain guests both inside and outside.
Hope you enjoy.