The project idea, claims to lean both working areas toward the windows, allowing natural light to illuminate these spaces; the space between the two working areas instead, includes all the other complementary functions.

Infront of the entrance it is develop a wood ribbon that wraps the whole space around the customers, highlighting and emphasizing products sold by the company.

The company brand is highlighted by the linear light that leads straight to the logo and slogan illuminated acrylic; It was also decided to create a small reception and waiting area useful to welcome the client and complement the sales area.

The showroom and reception area communicates directly with the directional rooms, which whom external people will have more contact, these offices where designed as two crystal blocks, by adding vinyl graphics that mimic etched glass to the panes, allowing both, privacy and an appropriate view toward the rest of the office.

Staff workstations were instead placed beside the other natural light source, this area is design with neutral colors that avoid eye fatigue and decorated with motivational quotes that encourage workers; nearby the relax area used by the staff, is also illuminated by natural light because it is divided with a glass partition wall, that can be used as a whiteboard, this zone can also be used as an enlargement of the multi-functional room that is divided with a door-to-ceiling partition sliding door.

The furniture and colors emphasize the desired industry design, that is underline with an uniform resin floor with concrete finish effect.

Motivative Marketing Office


Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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