Panoramic visuals.
The main objective of the project was to get the majority of the premises to participate in the incredible panoramic view. We think the proposal to locate the social area of ​​the house on the last level is very good and we seek that both the main bedroom and the rental apartments could also participate in the visuals. In the case of rental apartments with the aim of increasing the rental value.

To comply with the strict code of the city and to preserve the identity of the neighborhood and the house, we look for a way to maintain the greatest amount of heritage elements. We increased the size of the openings on the south façade, while maintaining aesthetics. The great gesture of the intervention is the cut of the roof to generate the panoramic terrace.

A common access hall is created that allows independent access to the house and access to the rental apartments, allowing the privacy of both to be completely preserved.
A spacious and comfortable staircase and panoramic elevator was projected, connectings all the areas of the house.

Privacy Housing / Rental Apartments
To preserve privacy and improve acoustic conditions, we made sure that all the shared walls between the rental appartmens and the main house have either a bathroom or a closet adjancent to it, to increase noise isolation.

A garage for up to three vehicles is proposed, with space for motorcycles, bicycles and a maintenance deposit.

Constructive technology
The demolition of the internal walls and slabs, and it´s reconstruction is proposed to update the construction to the current standards and regulations as well as avoiding pathologies.
Both the veranda and the balcony are built with a metal structure, and can be presented as temporary constructions when negotiating with the municipal authorities.

Basement, social gathering area.
The basement is connected to every level of the house by the elevator, but it is also accessible from the street without having to enter the house. It has direct contact with the garden. We propose the possibility of connecting both vaults so that they can function as an integrated space with a kitchenette and a bathroom. This allows more flexibility to be used as a gathering area, living room or guest house.

Third bedroom / studio.
We propose the posibility of an open area, integrated with the stair case that can function as an ample studio or private family room. It can also be closed to function as a more private studio or 3rd bedroom.

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