Hello to Client,

Please, let me tell some of my own observations/ directions, which may help you in your current working on this apartment.

A. Left part of apartment /2 rooms and bath/, is already done the best it can be.
Simple, you have 2 rooms and 1 bath. There are no so much Sun light there, as the windows are not too large, so I leave it as it is. Just rearrange the furniture position little bit. That's all, if ain't broken don't fix it, I agree with that sentence.

B. Master Bedroom, is moved to much lighter and brighter part of flat, as you have there more windows and also important you have east and south Sun, which is very good for sleeping and getting up from the bed in the morning. Looking at morning Sun shades always was inspirational for me.
And further more, master bedroom has its own peace, it is separated from the rest part of the apartment. Which is advantage when you have guests and others want to sleep.

C. Kitchen and Living Room, are very similar to previous, respecting the wall opening and water drainings. They are very very large and bright.

Basically, that is all I have to tell you. Overall, I am very very satisfied with your new design, even at the first look I thought it is mission impossible to make all of your needs.
But, you have all you want it.

1. Open Kitchen/ living room
2. 3 rooms (2 double room and 1 single room), 1 master(double) bedroom, 1 double room
and 1 single room
3. 2 bathrooms and 1 toillet

Best Regards and have a nice time living in your appartment!



Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy