The design that I have created seeks to satisfy all the requirements that the client made. Giving him a modern, beautiful and functional design. There is enough space to store suitcases, clothes, shoes and many other objects. The space works depending on the activities that the person is doing. During the day it can function as a space to study, eat, organize meetings with friends, watch television, dance and more. At night accordion doors open and there is a double deck bed. Using wheels, the double bed slides out under the central module in the apartment and thus the space that was previously a living room becomes an alcove.
When a person wants to read or study in privacy and silence he can close the accordion window.
I propose to change the exterior doors for ones with the accordion system so that the patio can be integrated with the interior of the apartment. In this way the space is perceived much larger than it really is.
The double bed can also function as a sofa, it is only necessary to slide half of it out.

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