Dear client
Thank you for sharing your amazing project. For my your project, I tried my best to make the layout as personal as possible to adjust to your needs. I also came up with 2 alternatives one with a one bathroom and the other with 2 bathrooms to help you decide easier on your choices.
In both alternatives, I designed the sleeping area in the left part of your plan with a master room with your current furniture and a bathroom in the middle that can be used for your daughter or guests.
The entrance is in the middle with a small entry closet to place some of your stuff when you come in.
On the right wing, you’re going to have your semi-closed kitchen. As one of your activities that you do with the whole family is cooking, I wanted to allow you to have the option of closing or opening your kitchen.
As a designer I appreciate flexibility and as a result, by using flexible moveable walls for one alternative and partly opening some places of the kitchen to have the connection for your activity. Or simply close the kitchen and let you enjoy both ways.
Rather than that the living room area overlooks both the garden an mountains that is ideal in terms of view. You have direct access to the garden that has so many relaxing areas and also seating and dining area to allow you to chill or host guests.
Based on your request for a study corner, I created it for both rooms, I also designed a transformable home office in the living room to let you and your husband have separate spaces in case of need.(one in the living room, one in the master room. And one for your daughter.)
Hope you enjoy your stay in your warm welcoming home.

Mollières Home


10054 Cesana Torinese, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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