Dear client, for the design of your wonderful house, special care was taken in the existing structure. That is why the first month of work was dedicated exclusively to the structural analysis of the building. Thanks to this we were able to know in detail the reality of the beams and columns, understanding that these are a critical factor for the remodeling of your future home.
In this way, our design adheres correctly to the structural limitations of the pre-existence, the result being a realistic and buildable project.

The design focuses on the insertion of light into the home, and the integration of external elements into the interior. Through operations such as the creation of internal patios, or substitution of hard ceilings for pergolas, we managed to obtain an interior that takes advantage of every opportunity to let in light.

The staircase, which was previously a shadowy area, is now not only an illuminated place, but also through it light passes to other areas of the house. This is achieved by maintaining its original location, changing the roof for a glass one, and connecting to a system of internal gardens that go from the main access to the back of the kitchen.

The dining room, the kitchen and the pantry are organized around the internal garden, being the protagonist at this point. With this operation, the functioning of the patio houses is emulated in a certain way, and it is possible to incorporate light from the most unfavorable face of a dividing plot.

Outside the home, the gardens and greenery are empowered. Already from the first level with the perimeter gardens, and then in the vertical development in the flower boxes of the terraces. If we add to this, the water element, which is incorporated through a fountain that makes a visual and sound presence. We have that the arrival at home is the act of crossing nature to reach the bed, the shelter.

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