Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity to design your home.

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The house was designed keeping in mind to keep the structure intact. There was a 42 m² indoor space addition on top of the approved 2002 plan to accommodate the new brief.

The layout was designed to have small pocket of activity areas that are connected to each other, creating a huge living space with seamless connection between indoor and outdoor that would be suitable for private time, hosting a small party as well as large party.

There are two options of programming for the house, in terms of the usage of the second and third floor. The first option is to place the activity spaces (gym and study) on the second floor on the same floor of the master bedroom while the boy's bedroom is placed on the third floor. The second option is to place the boy's bedroom on the second floor and the activity space on the third floor.

In terms of inter-space connection, the view to the outside and space utilization, the first option would be better since the activity in the gym and study doesn't require a great view and it is on the same floor with master bedroom that will make moving to those spaces short and easy.

The second option would have the advantage in the early stage of the boy's life because it is a short distance to the master bedroom.

The dry kitchen and the baking space are positioned in a linear layout, separated by sliding glass doors so that it could be air conditioned for proofing. A dedicated pantry to make coffee connects the dry kitchen to the outdoor sitting and BBQ area where you can serve your friends and colleagues at an outdoor dining party, or simply when you feel like having a 'café moment'.

The covered outdoor space layout was rotated 35° perpendicular to the boundary line, creating the shortest path for the car that makes it possible to park 2 cars as well as a space for outdoor dining area, taking the most out of the available space. The diagonal entry also create an exciting experience of entering the house.

In place of the western covered porch, secondary skin is placed in place of the roof, and two Terminalia trees are planted. Not only it will shade the open living room, it will also provide privacy to the interior space. And the space under the secondary skin would blend the interior and exterior, creating an exciting experience.

The design emphasized on natural air movement and cross-ventilation. For that, operable openings are utilized throughout the house. The dark stairwell is converted into a light-well and air-well to draw the air from the rest of the house and let it flow outside through the opening at the west side.

The openings are remotely controllable jalousie/louvre window that would be very suitable in a tropical climate, introducing natural cross-ventilation throughout the house

Tropical sloped roof would clear the water quickly in the heavy rainy season while also make the house looked in harmony with the 'villa' theme of the neighborhood and the original development. Sloped roof would also be lighter than concrete flat roof that would lessen the burden on the existing structure.

The structure additions is proposed to use steel structures for a quick and lightweight construction.

We hope the design satisfy your expectation, thank you.

Kind regards.