Foreword. The design idea takes into account the four natural elements understood as the state of aggregation of matter: fire, air, water and earth.

The design concept was born with the aim of renovating a Semi-Detached house and transforming it into a modern villa immersed in a tropical oasis. The concept of the house aims to dissolve the boundary between indoor and outdoor space by using the organisation of space and materials that allow a visual relationship between the residents and nature outside, resulting in a continuous, flexible and dilated multifunctional space. The idea was to create systems in which earth, sun and shade, coconut palms and other tree essences complete the volumes, transparencies and design of the house, suggesting a condensed and sensual experience of nearby nature.

The starting point was to overcome the limits dictated by the existing architecture, the triangular morphology of the lot and the town planning restrictions. A wall septum with full and empty spaces, covered with a wooden membrane, was created parallel to the longest side of the lot to complete and enhance the side façade, as well as providing privacy for the residents.
The amount of usable interior space has been increased, especially on the ground floor, by creating partitions and transparencies. The portion taken away from the garden due to the expansion was reproposed with an intensive green roof, a reduced layer of soil cultivated with herbs and small plants: a true oasis of biodiversity with the quality of regulating the flow of rainwater, purifying the air, reducing the temperature of the outside environment and regulating the temperature inside the home, as well as visual quality and continuity with the project's eco-sustainable philosophy.

The adaptation of the modern house to the local tropical climate becomes a main feature of the project. Instead of insulating the living space from heat and humidity, it was decided that these qualities would become part of the design. The permeable façade with large windows in conjunction with sunshades and adjustable/packable louvres made of local wood decreases the solidity of the building's mass and allows natural ventilation and light to penetrate the living space without depriving the residents of their privacy. A wooden membrane wrapping around the house, which can be easily opened and oriented thanks to domotic technology, shields the house from the sun while keeping it permeable to the wind, protecting privacy and framing views. Passive cooling is also achieved thanks to the central triple height that acts as a chimney: natural ventilation is guaranteed by openings at different heights overlooking the stairwell and resulting in a flow of air from the bottom to the top (chimney effect).

The house is divided into 3 floors at different heights with all the functions connected to the triple volume space through the central staircase, a scenographic and load-bearing element of the house, which acts as a vertical and horizontal link for the resident as it helps preserve visual contact from every part of the house, organising the interior and exterior spaces with extreme fluidity.
3 floors: 3 totally different landscapes in their use and ways of approaching nature.
1ST: a single open space living area, with well-defined functions and areas, in close connection with the earth, water, light and air; the greenery is experienced seamless, also becoming part of the house;
2ST: two independent areas related to the two bedrooms, complete with bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, are characterised by large windows screened by the wooden membrane, guaranteeing ventilation and shade; the entertainment room can be used as a guest room if necessary thanks to the sofa bed;
3ST: the gym area and the studio are designed as a tree house, with a view towards the palm trees.
The service areas on the floors have been camouflaged using intelligent systems: opening walls and flush doors conceal access and functionality.

All the details and elements that went into the design are equally important, the combination of green, wood, glass, steel and concrete makes the house a welcoming tropical oasis.

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