Dear Client, thank you very much for this challenging and amazing opportunity. I hope you will find this design equally exciting.
The idea behind the design was to crate a space that provokes emotions and offers a shelter from the noise and hustle of the daily life. To create the feeling that you DO arrive into an oasis when you step in. The creation of the pool that enters the house, the planters on the walls, the vertical garden in the wet kitchen and the surrounding vegetation emerge within the living space of the house as a powerful force. The water becomes a cooling element during the hot days and gives the building a more green identity. The folding shading device changes the facade whenever you need it. The structure of the building has been retained in terms of columns and supporting beams, and openings where created to allow the space to breathe, but also showing the history traces. The Glass sliding walls open the space up, and the trees enter into the building. The spaces are open, but at the same time the existing walls and columns provide a state of play, where one can hide in plain sight.
This has been a very interesting project for me and I enjoyed it very much. I hope you will like the way the spaces are distributed within the layout. Again thank you very much for this opportunity and I hope you are happy with the results.
Good Luck!

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