The main theme of the project is the contact between nature and users, to achieve this vegetation was placed at the entrance, in the exterior and interior gardens and in pots giving views of these to the user at all times, inside the house the double height will reinforce this feeling of contact with nature with lots of natural lighting through the windows, also using natural materials such as wood and stone and contrasting these with materials such as concrete, brick and some plaster, we give a modern but also tropical style.

The house begins from the outside, which is why it was decided to completely change the perimeter fence and access, the existing columns were changed for black columns with a wooden center which will be illuminated from above and between the columns there will be a wall of same color covered with walnut marimba or some local wood to give a contrast between both materials, the porch will be of the same marimba so that it is lost between the fence.

Upon entering the house it was decided to create two stone clad walls that contain the side gardens, as mentioned there will be a garden on both sides with high and low vegetation, it is proposed to leave the existing palm trees and add others to complement a palm tree per column in addition of ferns and leafy trees arranged so that they can be seen from the interior, the floor was changed to a floor of volcanic stone to make it more in keeping with the house.

When you get out of the car you go down the stairs that take you to the access area where you have 3 paths to go, you can go to the garden to relax, you will go to the terrace if you are a guest or access the house, this access is enlivened with a body of water with aquatic vegetation and you must go through the steps that come out of the water to enter the house. From this access to the house, the interior tree is framed in double height so that when you enter you are filled with this feeling of spaciousness.

The ground floor is distributed from the central garden, which is where it is accessed, towards the lower part is the social area while towards the top is the service area and the private area. As for the social area, it was decided to unite the kitchen bar, the coffee space, the living room, the dining room and the outdoor terrace where the grill is, this in order to have a large social area and not just small divided ones. The terrace is only separated by sliding glass panels so that when they are opened, all these areas are connected. As for the service area, it was decided to group the kitchen area, both wet and dry, with the baking area, which is separated only by sliding doors, together with the cupboard and the laundry area. In the end it was decided to leave the entertainment room to have more privacy and if necessary it can be converted into a guest room.

From the central patio there is also access to the stairs, which are the only existing ones that have been renovated, clad in wood and without dividing walls to take advantage of 100% of the natural light in the center.

On the first floor is the private area where the main room and the room for the baby are. The main room was located where the best views of the garden are found, in addition to plant elements in pots to reinforce this feeling of contact with nature, windows were added and the slabs were enlarged to prevent too much light from entering and becoming sultry. Regarding the style, it was decided to use stone finishes, white and wood finishes. In the bathrooms in general it was decided to make a combination between wood and stone with a modern touch. For the baby's room, upholstery elements were placed to give the baby a more childish environment, although wood finishes were also used to continue with the style of the house.

Finally, on the second floor the study, the gym and the SPA were placed in order to be close to the rooms but also private, for these elements of vegetation were placed to give them greater privacy and a good view to the facade.

In terms of m2, the additional 100 m2 proposed were respected, using them mainly on the ground floor and in some unloaded slabs on the other floors.

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