The project involves the creation of a single large apartment from the previous two smaller ones.
Given the particular conformation of the flat, the project was thought to be a succession of interconnecting environments to avoid long and dark corridors (as in the ancient noble residences of the past).
Every room crossed (dining room, tv room, kitchen) keeps its privacy through the use of sliding glass doors and curtains.
The guest bedroom is located close to the entrance, thus maintaining some independence from the rest of the home; if necessary, it can be used as a study or tv room.
The guest bathroom is located close to the living area so that it can be used by guests without crossing the private areas of the house.
The sleeping area is located at the bottom of the apartment and consists of two bedrooms with private bathroom and shower, and a large master suite with a wonderful bathroom with jacuzzi (160cmx160cm), walk-in closet and studio with relax area and separate entrance.

Merge Two Apartments


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy