Dear Client,

Thank you very much for posting this project.

I separated the floor plan into the daytime living and night time areas. The daytime area includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, study, main bathroom and the laundry. The night time area includes all the bedrooms a bathroom and a closet. The bedrooms face south east allowing morning sunlight and cozy lighting in the evenings. The two areas are connected with the entry hall equipped with a spacious wardrobe.

The house has a main terrace with pergola on the south west side and a breakfast terrace on the north east side. The north east orientation offers warm sunshine in the mornings, but naturally cool climate in the afternoons. The main terrace (and the house) is. build around an existing tree offering even more shade on the terrace.

The garage can be accessed through stairs outside the house. This area gives even more character to the building.

I hope you like the design! Wishing you all the best!