Dear client,

First of all, thanks for the opportunity of design a great place where you can rest and be happy with the people you love.

Our design summarize some of the references you gave,

We started this project by separating in two buildings the main uses you intend: living room and bedrooms. Both are conceived in the same scheme: an one pitched roof, which generate a trapezoidal volume with the bigger faces looking N and the smaller looking SW/S/SE. in doing that, we can propose high, wide windows on N face, that frame the mountains and the sky; on the southern side, we propose that a big proportion of the window actually is replaced by large, sliding glass doors that open the house to the main portion of almond grove. This doors are protected from the sun by wooden pergolas, which create a cozy open enviroment.

Then, we set the two buildings along the E-W axis of the plot. Such decision allow the building to - being one level only - rise in the W side. This moviment reduces the volume of exhcavation of basement and allows the natural ventilation of, at least, 50% of underground floor.

To create a cozy and fresh enviroment, we suggest that you use neutral/natural materials as limestone, white mortar, ceramic tiles for the roof, wood. To ensure durability and protection, we strogly advise you to use insulated glass and galvanized steel.

Hope you like it, with best regards