First of all, we would like to thank You for the given opportunity to work on this project and to try to show our creativity, as well as try to visualize Your personal ideas and needs.

The lot itself was very grateful for positioning of the entrances, both the ones to the lot and the entrances of the house. The entrance to the lot was positioned as required by Yourself, in a way that it does not interfere with the areas that will be used on a daily bases, as well as use as less area as physically possible.
The walkway to the house is positioned next to the car driveway, divided by a green area that makes a perfect division between these paths. The driveway to the house simply goes down to the Basement where the garage is located, while the user has a quite interesting path to the house. Although the walkway is straight forward, it gives a lot of visual sequences to the user, trough the partial sequence of the living area, to the sequences of two walls. First wall is connected to the house with wooden pergolas, dividing the walkway visually. When you go past this sort of a tunnel, there the user can see the second wall, which functions as a guideline to the entrance, as well as a protection from the sun. Both walls are materialized with a strong stone with white lines.

Here we get to the entrance of the house that is from the North side of the lot. The house is planned and divided into two floors: Ground and basement floor. Trough the entrance we get to the Ground floor which is lifted 45cm from the ground level, as requested by the Client. First visual sequence of the user is the large glass door that gives a user option to go directly into the backyard. This area is constituted from a hall, bathroom, wardrobe and the stairs that lead to the garage. This entrance is positioned in the center of the house, dividing and merging both living and sleeping area as well as the exterior and interior.
On the right side we have the living area which is made of a kitchen, dining room and the living room. All the rooms are connected to the porch and barbeque area on the South side of the house. . The 'living area' is designed as a open space area, divided just by sliding doors which can be opened or closed in its entirety. Living room contains fireplace, sitting ,and a tv area.
The dinning and kitchen area directly go to the barbeque area, and the living room is connected to the sitting part of the porch. The porch is elevated from the lot by 30cm, and leads to the backyard and the outdoor sitting area in the middle of the almond grove. This porch is covered by solar pergolas as requested by the Client.
On the East side of the house, the sleeping area is located. It contains two bedrooms, one Master bedroom with its own wardrobe, study room, a bathroom and a laundry room. Rooms as a part of the sleeping area are envisioned as a divided area. In that way, maximum amount of privacy and exclusion is achieved during night time. Rooms are oriented to south and east, in which way they have adequate visualize sequences as well as adequate amount of insulation. All rooms are projected with required sizes by the client.
Basement/ Garage area is envisioned with two parking spots with technical room, a hall, utility room and an multi-purpose area. It is projected honoring all the required regulations in a fire and emergency situations.
It is important to note that the existing situation with the almond trees was taken into consideration. That being said, most of the Almond trees are kept as existing, and are still represented in the project.
The project was designed to honor all the Mediterranean practice and regulations. Materials used are in contact with the nature, and are mostly natural: Wood and stone. With it, there are also white, contemporary elements that compliment the Mediterranean practice, and are a simple and modern addition to the natural materials.
House is, as mentioned above, a very peaceful object, oriented in a way that it uses most of the lot and that is uses all available virtues of the existing condition, the visual sequences and the almond grove. It is a merge of traditional and contemporary. It is also important to notice that the height and area of the house was honored (180m2).

Thank You once more for the opportunity, we tried to honor all of Your requirements and we hope to hear from You again!