Mediterranean Villa in Puglia
Located on the outskirts of the city, this villa is inserted in a country environment, where it is decided to maintain the trees and existing vegetation in the area, seeking to preserve the natural characteristics of the area.
The large glazed surfaces and Freestanding pergola with adjustable louvers are located in the southern area to take advantage of solar radiation and create warmer inhabitants, in the same way the selection of materials was of vital importance for the image of this new project, wood, stone , clay and stuccoed walls are the protagonists of each of the spaces that make up this home. The structure or profiles of the windows and skylights are proposed in aluminum with an anthracite gray finish, this type of elements will give the house a more contemporary image.
At the garage level, the laundry room, the technical room and a multipurpose space are located, which makes the space better used and the parking area that meets the client's requirements.
The first level is designed as an open plan where the spaces are articulated and delimited with the furniture, in this way the owners or the people who live in this house can interact with their friends or family even when they are doing different activities. The kitchen is separated from the dining area with a folding door that allows for connected or separate spaces, depending on the client's need.
It is also intended that all the rooms have access to the outside and not only can take advantage of natural ventilation, but can also bring the outside into the house, this being one of the main characteristics of contemporary architecture.
The first level of the house is one meter above the ground, in this way the earth movement will be less and placing the house on this platform will allow it to have more character. The structure will be made up of reinforced concrete beams and columns and the closing walls are proposed in bricks, with thermal insulation in the middle of the closing elements, the carpentry is also proposed with double glass to reduce the thermal gain in the interior, creating greater comfort.
The terrace area will be connected to an outdoor barbecue area and a swimming pool, which can be considered by the client as a focal point of the house, allowing to have the perfect house to enjoy with family and friends.

Builded Surface- 180 m2