The house is implanted on the land taking into account the following main criteria:
1. sunlight, a facade is generated that functions as a barrier for solar protection on the south western side, the bedrooms and social area are directed to the north eastern side.

2. views and privacy, with the L-shape it guarantees to focus the main spaces of the house towards the interior green areas, distancing itself completely from the neighbors and the noise that can be generated in the street.

3, Basement, the basement was designed so that it would work in an integrated way with the house, but also leaving the staircase in an outside patio, although contained by the house, this patio is a completely outside space, in this way the 180m is reserved for the main spaces of the house. 4. Almond trees, the almond trees are preserved in their current position in front of the land towards the street, not only as a conservation action but these trees help make the house more private and protected from the outside and the sun, the vehicular entrance is left at the same point.

The house is divided into two areas, the social area consisting of a living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry area, an outdoor pergola with a barbecue area and a raised deck with an outdoor fireplace. The second area of the house is made up of the bedroom and study area, this is the private area of the house; The bathroom of the bedrooms is located in a central point of the house since this bathroom also serves the social area, the master bedroom has its own bathroom and a walking closet, the other two bedrooms have a closet.

Constructively the house is designed as a structure of beams and columns, in this way it is possible to have more open, flexible and integrated interior spaces, this scheme is conceived as a concrete structure and masonry walls.