Dear Client,
It was a real pleasure working on your project. The general approach in this project is to consider both the requires of the client from it to fulfill functional needs and noticing innovative architectural ideas in order to create proper and beautiful space for living. Using sloping roof and playing with its form and transforming it into other form through different volumetric compounds is one of the great features of this design which gives user vast and various space qualities. Also, it makes spaces unique and produce characters for them.
Achieving a modern and minimal space, a warm atmosphere and a cozy place to live are of great importance in the design process. Color palette, architectural elements and building general form reminds a modern architecture with Mediterranean character which is considered by the client.
The main living space is at ground floor plan and basement devoted for servicing spaces and entertainment. Considering the main entrance at the center of the ground floor plan drive us into a principal division; public space and private space which located respectively in the left and right side of the plan. It is the pergola considered in the west part of the plan that have a proper dialog with sitting and dining area.
We prepared a sunken courtyard at the basement that creates a wonderful view through study area and it has a sight from one of the bedrooms. Also, it plays an important role in the general special organization of the building.
The other two important points of this design option that we provide are:
- Using natural light as an important element in all the spaces of the villa
- Sequence the servicing spaces (like kitchen, bathrooms, …) in plans and sections to have a merit in ease of implementation of mechanical installations.