The project tries to respect all or most of the client's requests.
Few structural works, a single dividing wall that is pushed back, in the bedroom, so that a larger wardrobe can be used.

The doors of the Main rooms, the Kitchen and the Two Rooms, are replaced by sliding doors for the rooms and a full-height swing door for the kitchen with a large glazed surface with satin bands, so as to create a play of soft lights in the corridor and make it brighter.

The kitchen is redesigned, the partition is removed and a new kitchen with separate Pantry and Fridge is chosen, all in light wood with satin black panels in strong contrast.

We then decided to intervene on the existing false ceiling to recreate niches where to house the curtains of the room and the kitchen; to create a series of cuts to house the LED Strips; one in the kitchen on the TV corner; one in the Room above the Head of the Bed, and finally Two in the corridor marking the perimeter.