The customer’s request is to realize a project modern and very elegant in terms of style with limit structural works.
Therefore the distribution of the apartment remains unchanged and the new studio is realized by modifying the dimensions of the two bedrooms.
The studio is a semitransparent volume in connection with the living, characterized by sliding doors that make the space modifiable.

These sliding doors are always custom made with a structural profile in minimum thickness aluminium that makes the most of the exclusive aesthetic features of glass.
The solutions proposed are made by Rimadesio brand.

For the bedroom we propose two solutions : the first one with a large wardrobe hanging to the wall with glossy lacquer doors that make the space wider; the second solution provides a separate walk-in wardrobe with a semitransparent wall.

To make the apartment elegant, we suggest material floor and wall coverings: ceramics with cement effect or with reliefs and wallpapers.
This kind of coverings are combined with dark wood of furnitures and semitransparent surfaces.
All finishes and furnitures are italian brands.