“Vital and bright even if white-free” is the watchword of this project, which focuses on the combination of neutral colors to give this small loft’s rooms a touch young and relaxing at the same time.
First of all, some small modifications to the internal partitions are required to obtain a quite spacious bedroom with a walk-in closet, minimal but of maximum capacity. Instead of closing the study between walls, we thought to open it and make it part of the living room, using a double-sided bookcase as a filter for privacy towards the corridor. The living room becomes an open space, and it’s perceptively larger, while kitchen area remains in its current position, but it’s provided with an island table to eat meals in an informal and practical way.
Off the tub, and we make room for a large walk-in shower instead in the larger bathroom, while an all-glass wall separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom fixtures in the second bathroom.
Interior doors will be design ones, sliding on external tracks to save space and avoid expensive masonry work, while we chose a door from the same series (see but hinged. Sliding and all-glass will be the door between bedroom and closet (see, and also sliding will be the external windows (see

There are two different solutions for the floor:
- first option privileges an unique flooring for all the house, with wood-effect stoneware, and the exception of the bathrooms (here floors will have concrete effect and a mixed wood-cement one);
- second option uses resin floor into living room, corridor and bathrooms (with different shades of grey), mixing it with stone-effect stoneware (for kitchen area) and wood-effect one (in the bedroom).
Finishes and coverings play on the color combinations from grey to sand to wood, with touches of blue.