In relation to the requests made by the customer, the project limits the interventions to a structural level and it is not very invasive. The design concept is focused on bringing natural light where today there is not, so as to make the apartment brighter already from the entrance. In this regard, the two angled walls at the end of the hallway have been eliminated by inserting a glass wall and a pivoting glass door with an offset axis. The other intervention concerns the wall that divided the two bedrooms where an opening has been designed that allows us to insert a walk-in closet with light wooden walls. The furniture in the living area has been turned upside down compared to the current situation by placing a corner sofa so as to have a better perspective both towards the TV cabinet and to the outside. The living area looks like as a unique environment delimited by transparent dividers but with distinct spaces also thanks to the use of horizontal wooden slats. The materiality and the use of natural materials are also a peculiarity of the master bedroom, where in addition to the walk-in closet and a private bathroom, there is also a toeletta. In the bathrooms the current architecture has been maintained by changing the finishes of the floors and walls. All the doors have been replaced with sliding wooden doors outside the wall so as to avoid radical interventions. As far as the aesthetic finishes (colors and materials) are concerned, the indications provided by the customer were followed as guidelines, creating a contemporary and elegant environment.